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non port: www/node/files/

Number of commits found XX: 13

Thu, 29 Oct 2020
[ 21:32 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:553645
553645 www/node/Makefile
553645 www/node/distinfo
553645 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_no-asm_openssl.gypi
553645 www/node/files/
553645 www/node/files/
553645 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_execution_simulator.h
553645 www/node/files/
553645 www/node/files/patch-node.gypi
553645 www/node/pkg-plist
www/node: Update 14.14.0 -> 15.0.0

Update to the latest major release of Node.js, which includes many
significant changes. Users are encouraged to read the release notes
before upgrading.

While here, refresh existing patches with `make makepatch`, removing
some powerpc* related patches that have been adopted/reworked upstream
in V8.

Remove the dependency on dns/c-ares and use the bundled version
instead, since Node.js has adopted a change to c-ares that has not yet
been released. The dependency will be re-added once dns/c-ares has
been updated to a release that contains support for CAA DNS records.

An UPDATING entry has also been added to include a notice about this
major version upgrade, and steps users can take to continue using the
v14.x line, which is now LTS.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Mon, 6 Jul 2020
[ 22:19 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:541372
541372 www/node/Makefile
541372 www/node/distinfo
541372 www/node/files/
541372 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_codegen_ppc_constants-ppc.h
541372 www/node/files/
541372 www/node/files/
541372 www/node/files/
541372 www/node/pkg-plist
www/node: Update 14.4.0 -> 14.5.0

Refresh patches with `make makepatch`, and adapt them to the changes
from upstream due to the V8 upgrade.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Tue, 9 Jun 2020
[ 22:04 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:538350
538350 www/node/Makefile
538350 www/node/distinfo
538350 www/node/files/
538350 www/node/files/
538350 www/node/files/
538350 www/node/files/
538350 www/node/files/
538350 www/node/pkg-plist
www/node: Update 13.14.0 -> 14.0.0

Upgrade to the latest major vesrion of Node.js. Regenerate patches
since some have been adopted upstream, while others needed refreshing.

Adopt a patch from a newer Node.js version to allow the port to build
with either ICU 66.1 or 67.1.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Wed, 21 Aug 2019
[ 20:08 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:509555
509555 www/node/Makefile
509555 www/node/distinfo
509555 www/node/files/
509555 www/node/files/
509555 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_execution_simulator.h
509555 www/node/files/
509555 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_simulator.h
509555 www/node/files/patch-node.gypi
www/node: Update 12.8.1 -> 12.9.0

Regenerate patches with `make makepatch`, taking care to keep patches
for files that have moved after Node.js upgraded the bundled V8

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Fri, 16 Aug 2019
[ 22:27 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:509122
509122 www/node/Makefile
509122 www/node/distinfo
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_asm_openssl-cl.gypi
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_asm_openssl.gypi
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_no-asm_openssl-cl.gypi
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_no-asm_openssl.gypi
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_bn__conf__asm.h
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_bn__conf__no-asm.h
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_dso__conf__asm.h
509122 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_dso__conf__no-asm.h

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www/node: Update 12.7.0 -> 12.8.0

The bundled OpenSSL configuration now includes BSD-x86, which this port
can now use. The build for i386 is still using the no-asm variant for
the time being. Assembler errors in BSD-x86/asm-avx2 need to be
investigated to be able to enable asm with the bundled OpenSSL.

While here, regenerate all remaining patches with `make makepatch`.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Wed, 8 May 2019
[ 18:41 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:501035
501035 www/node/files/
501035 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_simulator.h
www/node: fix build on powerpc64

Upstream broke powerpc64 big-endian. Replace the check for AIX with
check for big-endian PPC64 to fix the build.

PR:		237586
Submitted by:	pkubaj
Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Wed, 24 Apr 2019
[ 10:55 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:499831
499831 www/node/Makefile
499831 www/node/distinfo
499831 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_openssl-cl__no__asm.gypi
499831 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_openssl__no__asm.gypi
499831 www/node/files/
499831 www/node/files/
499831 www/node/files/patch-node.gypi
499831 www/node/pkg-plist
www/node: Update 11.14.0 -> 12.0.0

Update to the latest major release of Node.js, which includes many
significant changes. Users are encouraced to read the release
announcement before upgrading.

Update minimum version requirements for dependencies. Regenerate patches
with `make makepatch`.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Fri, 8 Feb 2019
[ 20:51 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:492447
492447 www/node/Makefile
492447 www/node/distinfo
492447 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_asm_openssl-cl.gypi
492447 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_asm_openssl.gypi
492447 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_no-asm_openssl-cl.gypi
492447 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_no-asm_openssl.gypi
492447 www/node/files/
492447 www/node/files/
492447 www/node/files/
492447 www/node/files/patch-node.gypi

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www/node: Update 11.8.0 -> 11.9.0

Update patches and pkg-plist for deps/openssl/**/* after upstream
pdated to OpenSSL 1.1.1a and refresh existing patches with
`make makepatch`.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Mon, 27 Aug 2018
[ 11:31 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:478194
478194 www/node/Makefile
478194 www/node/distinfo
478194 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_asm_openssl.gypi
478194 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_archs_linux-elf_no-asm_openssl.gypi
478194 www/node/files/
478194 www/node/files/
478194 www/node/files/
www/node: Update 10.7.0_1 -> 10.9.0

This is a security release addressing multiple vulnerabilities. Users
are recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

While here, refresh patches with `make makepatch`

MFH:		2018Q3
Security:	0904e81f-a89d-11e8-afbb-bc5ff4f77b71
Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Mon, 30 Apr 2018
[ 22:46 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:468746
468746 www/node/Makefile
468746 www/node/distinfo
468746 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_bn__conf__no-asm.h
468746 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_dso__conf__no-asm.h
468746 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_opensslconf__no-asm.h
468746 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_openssl-cl__no__asm.gypi
468746 www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_openssl__no__asm.gypi
468746 www/node/files/
468746 www/node/files/

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www/node: Update 9.11.1_1 -> 10.0.0

Update to the latest major release of Node.js. This release includes
many significant changes, both to Node.js itself and the FreeBSD port.

In particular, Node.js now requires OpenSSL 1.1.0h, so the BUNDLED_SSL
option is enabled by default. It is still possible to disable this
option when using security/openssl-devel (which is currently at 1.1.0h).
Multiple patches are required to get Node.js building with the bundled
OpenSSL library. Only amd64 builds get optimized assembler; all other
archs use non-asm implementations.
Wed, 25 Oct 2017
[ 18:43 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:452891
452891 www/node/Makefile
452891 www/node/distinfo
452891 www/node/files/
452891 www/node/files/
www/node: Update 8.6.0 -> 8.8.0

Update to the latest upstream v8.x release to address a remote DoS

Remove post-patch rules to replace various occurrences of 'python' with
PYTHON_CMD. Upstream has done a change to ensure that the "correct"
python version is called at build time, making our post-patch steps

Re-roll patches with 'make makepatch'.

Approved by:	robak (mentor)
MFH:		2017Q4
Security:	CVE-2017-14919
Differential Revision:
Wed, 28 Jun 2017
[ 09:00 bhughes ] Original commit   Revision:444555
444555 www/node/Makefile
444555 www/node/distinfo
444555 www/node/files/patch-common.gypi
444555 www/node/files/
444555 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_base_atomicops__internals__arm__gcc.h
444555 www/node/files/
444555 www/node/files/
444555 www/node/files/patch-node.gyp
444555 www/node/pkg-plist
www/node: Update 7.10.0 -> 8.1.2

Bump to the latest major version of Node.js.

Remove files/patch-node.gyp, since this patch has been accepted
upstream. Remove
which patches a now non-existent file after a change in how V8
implements atomic operations. Conditionally add the
_LIBCPP_TRIVIAL_PAIR_COPY_CTOR define when using clang 3.x to
workaround a known problem in libc++.

Approved by:    robak (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Thu, 5 Jan 2017
[ 19:34 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:430663
430663 www/node/Makefile
430663 www/node/distinfo
430663 www/node/files
430663 www/node/files/
430663 www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_base_atomicops__internals__arm__gcc.h
430663 www/node/files/
430663 www/node/files/
Update to 7.4.0 [1]

- Fix build on ARMv6 [2]
- While I'm here, remove duplicate PLIST_SUB which is already handled by

PR:		215775 [1], 215044 [2]
Submitted by:	Bradley T. Hughes <> (maintainer) [1],
		Peter Laursen <> [2]

Number of commits found XX: 13

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