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Revision:  567892
Date:      2021-03-09
Time:      06:26:48Z
Committer: bhughes

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VuXML IDDescription
48894ca9-3e6f-11e8-92f0-f0def167eeearoundcube -- IMAP command injection vulnerability

Upstream reports:

This update primarily fixes a recently discovered IMAP-cmd-injection vulnerability caused by insufficient input validation within the archive plugin. Details about the vulnerability are published under CVE-2018-9846.

Discovery 2018-04-11
Entry 2018-04-13
le 1.3.5,1

f622608c-c53c-11e7-a633-009c02a2ab30roundcube -- file disclosure vulnerability

MITRE reports:

Roundcube Webmail before 1.1.10, 1.2.x before 1.2.7, and 1.3.x before 1.3.3 allows unauthorized access to arbitrary files on the host's filesystem, including configuration files, as exploited in the wild in November 2017. The attacker must be able to authenticate at the target system with a valid username/password as the attack requires an active session.

Discovery 2017-11-06
Entry 2017-11-11
Modified 2017-12-31
lt 1.3.3,1
bce47c89-4d3f-11e7-8080-a4badb2f4699roundcube -- arbitrary password resets

Roundcube reports:

Roundcube Webmail allows arbitrary password resets by authenticated users. The problem is caused by an improperly restricted exec call in the virtualmin and sasl drivers of the password plugin.

Discovery 2017-04-28
Entry 2017-06-09
lt 1.2.5,1