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non port: security/openvpn/files/patch-configure

Number of commits found XX: 4

Fri, 30 Oct 2020
[ 20:36 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:553713
553713 security/openvpn/Makefile
553713 security/openvpn/distinfo
553713 security/openvpn/files/extra-tunnelblick-openvpn_xorpatch
553713 security/openvpn/files/patch-configure
553713 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-098edbb1f5a2e1360fd6a4ae0642b63bec12e992
553713 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-38b46e6bf65489c2c5d75da1c02a3a1c33e6da88
553713 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-b89e48b015e581a4a0f5c306e2ab20da34c862ea
553713 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-cab48ad43eaba51c54fa23e55b0b2eb436dd921f
553713 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-fc0297143494e0a0f08564d90dbb210669d0abf5

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Update security/openvpn 2.5. For 2.3 peers, update your configuration,

...see ports/UPDATING or the

Avoid LibreSSL (IGNORE_SSL).
INSTALL_DATA -> INSTALL_MAN for documentation.
Rearrange Makefile according to portclippy.
Thu, 7 May 2020
[ 16:28 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:534272
534272 security/openvpn/Makefile
534272 security/openvpn/files/patch-configure
534272 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-b89e48b015e581a4a0f5c306e2ab20da34c862ea
534272 security/openvpn/files/patch-git-cab48ad43eaba51c54fa23e55b0b2eb436dd921f
534272 security/openvpn/files/patch-src_openvpn_openssl__compat.h
534272 security/openvpn/files/patch-src_openvpn_ssl__openssl.c
security/openvpn: reliability fixes cherry-picked from upstream

Arne Schwabe's OpenSSL fix for Debian Bug#958296
"Fix tls_ctx_client/server_new leaving error on OpenSSL error stack"
<> [1]

Selva Nair's auth-pam fixes
"Parse static challenge response in auth-pam plugin"
"Accept empty password and/or response in auth-pam plugin"

Re-diff (with make makepatch) older patches.

Reported by:	Jonas Andradas via Debian BTS
Obtained from:	Arne Schwabe, Selva Nair
MFH:		2020Q2 (blanket for backporting reliability fixes)
Fri, 6 Sep 2019
[ 18:16 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:511348
511348 security/openvpn/files/patch-configure
511348 security/openvpn/files/patch-libressl
511348 security/openvpn/files/patch-src_openvpn_openssl__compat.h
511348 security/openvpn/files/
Fix a sed regexp from GNUism to POSIX.


Also sent upstream for inclusion today, and

PR:		240306
Submitted by:	kevans@
Wed, 24 Aug 2016
[ 22:33 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:420825
420825 security/openvpn/Makefile
420825 security/openvpn/distinfo
420825 security/openvpn/files/
420825 security/openvpn/files/patch-629baad8
420825 security/openvpn/files/patch-configure
420825 security/openvpn/files/patch-sample__sample-config-files__loopback-client
420825 security/openvpn/files/patch-sample__sample-config-files__loopback-server
420825 security/openvpn/files/
Update to new upstream bugfix release 2.3.12, add "stats" to rc script.

* Upstream changes:
* The cmocka-based unit tests are currently disabled, too much hassle
  and deps to get them running.
* Add patch-configure to drop the unit-test related warnings.
* Extend run control script to understand the "stats" argument, to send
  SIGUSR2 to the process, contributed by Anton Yuzhaninov (with one
  additional line fold).
* Drop patch-629baad8, no longer needed.
* Refresh other patches with make clean extract do-patch makepatch

Number of commits found XX: 4

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