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non port: mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile

Number of commits found XX: 13

Mon, 5 Oct 2020
[ 19:09 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:551537
551537 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
551537 mail/fetchmail/files/
551537 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
mail/fetchmail: avoid rc.conf overriding daemon interval, many other fixes

Authors: CH = Corey Halpin, MA = Matthias Andree

- fetchmail's rc script now queries the daemon interval from the
  configuration, and falls back to the rc.conf value if given. [CH]
- Similarly, the logging facility will be taken from the configuration [MA]
- Add documentation to the rcfile's header comments. [MA]
- Drop support for fetchmail_home_prefix in rc.conf, and query the
  respective users' home directories with getent instead. [MA]
- In the rc scripts, redirect input from /dev/null so it will not ask
  for passwords. [MA]
- Add support for the typical 12.1 rc.conf ${name}_... keywords. [MA]
- Make script execution easier to follow by simplifying if...else logic. [CH]
- Fix rcscript's exit code to be 1 if one of the per-user calls fails. [CH]
- Add relevant notes to UPDATING. [MA]

PR:		249860
Submitted by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Reported by:	Chris James (on fetchmail-users mailing list)
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Fri, 28 Aug 2020
[ 14:42 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:546739
546739 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
546739 mail/fetchmail/distinfo
546739 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-ZZZ-87626c2707cc0d82e49e160ab3c85430ff33534f
546739 mail/fetchmail/pkg-plist
546739 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
mail/fetchmail: update to 6.4.10

while here, switch distfile back to xz format and update
the > 2^31 "long long" fix so it patches the right place of the NEWS file.

- adds Romanian translation
- minor manual page fix to add "MD5" hash to sslfingerprint documentation

PR:		248954
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Tue, 31 Mar 2020
[ 15:43 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:529980
529980 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
529980 mail/fetchmail/distinfo
529980 mail/fetchmail/files/
529980 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
529980 mail/fetchmailconf/files/
mail/fetchmail, fetchmailconf: update to 6.4.3-rc2 (bug fixes)

Add a patch to document --sslproto tls1.3+ and tls1.3 through the manpage,
which hasn't made 6.4.3-rc2 but works since 6.4.0 assuming that the SSL library
supports TLSv1.3.

Remove fetchmailconf patch that is now part of the upstream code.

Switch to .lz downloads, a tiny bit smaller.

Upstream changelog:
* Plug memory leaks when parts of the configuration (defaults, rcfile, command
  line) override one another.
* fetchmail terminated the placeholder command string too late and included
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Thu, 20 Feb 2020
[ 00:01 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:526535
526535 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
526535 mail/fetchmail/distinfo
526535 mail/fetchmail/files/
526535 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-t.smoke
526535 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
526535 mail/fetchmailconf/files/
mail/fetchmail: mail/fetchmailconf: update to 6.4.2, make Python 3 compatible

Fetchmail updated to new revision 6.4.2
- one bugfix
- manual page updates
- update of Chinese (simplified) translation
- massive fetchmailconf overhaul
  + Python 3 compatible (requires py-future)
  + Supports IPv6 and SSL probing
- remove two patches for fetchmail that are in the upstream release
- add a smoke test to fetchmailconf's post-install,
  and a patch to support that running without X11 $DISPLAY.

PR:		244130
Submitted by:	mandree@
Reviewed by:	Corey Halpin <> (maintainer)
Approved by:	Corey Halpin <> (maintainer)
MFH:		2020Q1 (bugfixes and fetchmailconf update and Python3 compat.)
Fri, 14 Feb 2020
[ 22:00 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:526178
526178 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
UNBREAK. Do not dare mark broken again sooner than four hours before this

The file has been re-uploaded and is dealing out the same
file to its mirrors. This should be fixed soon.

Else restrict mastersites to FreeBSD's distcache, this will then be solved
with the 6.4.2 update from
[ 21:30 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:526175
526175 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
Mark BROKEN again, it is still unfetchable
[ 21:18 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:526173
526173 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
526173 mail/fetchmailconf/distinfo
Unbreak. Un-deprecate due to PR 244130.


While here, fix TARGET -> ALL_TARGET to avoid building the C stuff,
and drop the unused obsolete distinfo file.

Approved by: (blanket, unbreak a port)
Tue, 14 Jan 2020
[ 12:36 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:523007
523007 cad/linuxcnc-devel/Makefile
523007 databases/monetdb/Makefile
523007 databases/py-cql/Makefile
523007 devel/py-notifier/Makefile
523007 devel/py-testgears/Makefile
523007 games/gcompris/Makefile
523007 games/unknown-horizons/Makefile
523007 graphics/commons-utilities/Makefile
523007 graphics/py-chart/Makefile
523007 japanese/tegaki-recognize/Makefile

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Deprecate a few broken ports

With hat:	portmgr
Wed, 6 Nov 2019
[ 14:00 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:516887
516887 mail/akpop3d/Makefile
516887 mail/chk4mail/Makefile
516887 mail/cyrus-imapd23/Makefile
516887 mail/dbmail/Makefile
516887 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
516887 mail/librfc822/Makefile
516887 mail/mailmgr/Makefile
516887 mail/milter-skem/Makefile
516887 mail/mreport/Makefile
516887 mail/msgconvert/Makefile

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Mark a few ports BROKEN (unfetchable)
Sat, 28 Sep 2019
[ 21:29 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:513169
513169 MOVED
513169 mail/Makefile
513169 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
513169 mail/fetchmail/distinfo
513169 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-SNI-Gitlab-9b8b634
513169 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-ZZZ-87626c2707cc0d82e49e160ab3c85430ff33534f
513169 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-configure
513169 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-fetchmail.c
513169 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-socket.c
513169 mail/fetchmail/pkg-plist

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mail/fetchmail: update to 6.4.1.

Release notes:

While here, remove fetchmail64 port, now no longer needed.

PR:		240908
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Sun, 4 Aug 2019
[ 12:44 pi ] Original commit   Revision:508092
508092 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
508092 mail/fetchmailconf/files/
508092 mail/fetchmailconf/pkg-plist
mail/fetchmailconf: fix use by simplifing the search for Tkinter etc

When the fetchmailconf port was split off from fetchmail, it inherited
some python version detection logic that had been intended to let
fetchmail be installed with or without python and work either way.
However, this logic 1) no longer works with current python packaging,
and 2) doesn't really make sense in the context of a 'fetchmailconf'
port that already depends on python.

This patch simplifies out that logic.

PR:		239248
Submitted by:	Corey Halpin <> (maintainer)
Reported by:
Sat, 16 Feb 2019
[ 13:02 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:493041
493041 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
fetchmailconf is not compatible with python 3.x

PR:		234633
Sun, 20 Jan 2019
[ 11:25 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:490780
490780 mail/Makefile
490780 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
490780 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-SNI-Gitlab-9b8b634
490780 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-configure
490780 mail/fetchmail/files/
490780 mail/fetchmail/pkg-plist
490780 mail/fetchmailconf
490780 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
490780 mail/fetchmailconf/files/

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mail/fetchmail depends overhaul, new fetchmailconf port

* Bring back SNI (server name indication) support for TLS connections,
  lost in 6.3.26_10 (PORTREVISION=10) as a regression over _9.
  Pointy hat: mandree@
* Drop the X11 option, remove the Python dependency, and create a new
  mail/fetchmailconf slave port/package that installs the fetchmailconf
  configurator. Note that the _DEPENDS of the ports reflects a technical
  dependence (fetchmailconf needs fetchmail), and we cannot keep an
  X11 option that depends on fetchmailconf, since that would create
  a circular dependency, which we must avoid.
* Patch configure instead of with Cy's Kerberos fix, drop
  autoreconf from USES, and add a new configure check directly to set
  HAVE_DECL_SSLV3_CLIENT_METHOD to cover the various TLS providers
  (currently five, base, openssl, openssl111, libressl, libressl-devel)
* Add -Wl,--as-needed to LDFLAGS so as not to pull in unneeded .so
  libraries, for instance, libcom_err when compiling under GSSAPI_NONE.

Very fruitful and nice collaboration with and
Approved by: (maintainer)

Number of commits found XX: 13

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