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non port: mail/fetchmail/files/

Number of commits found XX: 17

Sun, 8 Nov 2020
[ 10:58 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:554447
554447 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
554447 mail/fetchmail/distinfo
554447 mail/fetchmail/files/
mail/fetchmail: mail/fetchmailconf: Update to 6.4.13 [1], fix rcfile bug [2]

Update mail/fetchmail{,conf} to 6.4.13 and fix rc script to work correctly
when root's shell does not include /usr/local/bin in $PATH.

mail/fetchmail passes 'poudriere testport' on both i386 and amd64 under
11.4 and 12.1 for the following configurations:
  - Default settings
  - Default settings, build as non-root
  - ssl=base, GSSAPI_MIT
  - ssl=base, GSSAPI_NONE
  - ssl=openssl
  - ssl=openssl with SSL2 and SSL3 disabled
  - ssl=openssl, GSSAPI_NONE
  - ssl=libressl
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Sun, 1 Nov 2020
[ 19:38 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:553849
553849 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
553849 mail/fetchmail/files/
mail/fetchmail: Fix shell's 'Bad -c option' in rcscript.

Turns out that our fetchmail_dump_config() function needs to add
one more level of quoting because it's being unquoted and word split
twice, once by su's shell, and again by sh.

While here, change sh to /bin/sh to make the intention clearer.

Bump PORTREVISION to get the fix out onto the systems.

PR:		250691
Reported by:	Helmut Ritter <>
Approved by:
MFH:		2020Q4 (blanket, one-line tested working fix, 4-eyes principle)
Tue, 6 Oct 2020
[ 23:09 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:551607
551607 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
551607 mail/fetchmail/files/
mail/fetchmail: fix rcscript regression from _1 that broke global mode

In a situation where fetchmail is to be started globally with the
configuration in $LOCALBASE/etc, the rc.d file would try to run
fetchmail for the wrong user.

Simplify script more, avoiding recursive call in single-user mode.

Submitted by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer, direct mail to mandree@)
Reported by:	Armin Tuting
Mon, 5 Oct 2020
[ 19:09 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:551537
551537 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
551537 mail/fetchmail/files/
551537 mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile
mail/fetchmail: avoid rc.conf overriding daemon interval, many other fixes

Authors: CH = Corey Halpin, MA = Matthias Andree

- fetchmail's rc script now queries the daemon interval from the
  configuration, and falls back to the rc.conf value if given. [CH]
- Similarly, the logging facility will be taken from the configuration [MA]
- Add documentation to the rcfile's header comments. [MA]
- Drop support for fetchmail_home_prefix in rc.conf, and query the
  respective users' home directories with getent instead. [MA]
- In the rc scripts, redirect input from /dev/null so it will not ask
  for passwords. [MA]
- Add support for the typical 12.1 rc.conf ${name}_... keywords. [MA]
- Make script execution easier to follow by simplifying if...else logic. [CH]
- Fix rcscript's exit code to be 1 if one of the per-user calls fails. [CH]
- Add relevant notes to UPDATING. [MA]

PR:		249860
Submitted by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Reported by:	Chris James (on fetchmail-users mailing list)
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Tue, 6 Nov 2018
[ 14:52 roberto ] Original commit   Revision:484295
484295 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
484295 mail/fetchmail/files/
- Ensure the fetchmail script returns 1 if fetchmail is not running.

PR:		ports/219051
Tue, 4 Nov 2014
[ 00:24 mandree ] Original commit   Revision:372129
372129 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
372129 mail/fetchmail/files/
372129 mail/fetchmail/pkg-descr
Update URLs that pointed to the defunct site.
Sat, 14 Jan 2012
[ 08:57 dougb ] Original commit 
1.5 astro/gpsd/files/
1.3 astro/gpxloggerd/files/
1.5 audio/aureal-kmod/files/
1.4 audio/autocd/files/
1.3 audio/darkice/files/
1.3 audio/ezstream/files/
1.4 audio/firefly/files/
1.5 audio/gnump3d/files/
1.9 audio/icecast2/files/
1.5 audio/ices0/files/

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In the rc.d scripts, change assignments to rcvar to use the
literal name_enable wherever possible, and ${name}_enable
when it's not, to prepare for the demise of set_rcvar().

In cases where I had to hand-edit unusual instances also
modify formatting slightly to be more uniform (and in
some cases, correct). This includes adding some $FreeBSD$
tags, and most importantly moving rcvar= to right after
name= so it's clear that one is derived from the other.
Mon, 15 Aug 2011
[ 20:13 mandree ] Original commit 
1.217 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.10 mail/fetchmail/files/
Assorted minor fixes and touch-ups:

- Fix:     rcfile: export FETCHMAILUSER=$fetchmail_user [1]

- Fix:     when installing from source, make /var/run/fetchmail directory
           so that a global fetchmail installation won't break after port

- Change:  compile GSSAPI support by default (it's in base)

- Cleanup: rcfile: drop support for script name

- Cleanup: rcfile: don't mix backtick with apostrophe in comments, they don't

Reported by:  thierry, Victor Balada Diaz <> [1]
Suggested by: Victor Balada Diaz <> [1]
PR:           ports/151783
Approved by:  maintainer timeout [1]
Sat, 27 Mar 2010
[ 00:15 dougb ] Original commit 
1.4 accessibility/speech-dispatcher/files/
1.2 astro/gpsd/files/
1.2 audio/aureal-kmod/files/
1.3 audio/autocd/files/
1.2 audio/ezstream/files/
1.3 audio/firefly/files/
1.4 audio/gnump3d/files/
1.6 audio/icecast2/files/
1.2 audio/liquidsoap/files/
1.3 audio/mpdas/files/

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Begin the process of deprecating sysutils/rc_subr by
s#. %%RC_SUBR%%#. /etc/rc.subr#
Sun, 22 Jul 2007
[ 11:20 barner ] Original commit 
1.187 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.8 mail/fetchmail/files/
- Actually respect the `fetchmail_user' variable in single daemon
- Document that above variable is ignored in the per-user daemon mode
- Bump port revision

Requested by:   Graham Menhennitt <>
PR:             ports/114701
Fri, 6 Jul 2007
[ 07:10 barner ] Original commit 
1.186 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.7 mail/fetchmail/files/
- Remove circular dependency in rcorder by removing the (unnessary) constraint
  that fetchmail is started "BEFORE LOGIN". "REQUIRE mail" (which in turn
  requires LOGIN) is enough.

PR:             ports/114294
Submitted by:   Alson van der Meulen <>
Thu, 31 May 2007
[ 20:08 barner ] Original commit 
1.184 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.6 mail/fetchmail/files/
1.2 mail/fetchmail/files/fetchmailrc.sample
- Add pkg-message pointing to documenation in rc script.
- Add pointers to fetchmail documentation to rc script.
Wed, 30 Aug 2006
[ 11:56 barner ] Original commit 
1.176 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.5 mail/fetchmail/files/
1.24 mail/fetchmail/pkg-plist
- Add new rc.conf option "fetchmail_logging_facility" which can be used
  to specify where fetchmail logs to. Default: --syslog (as hardcoded
  before). [1]
- Use marco for cp [2]
- Try to remove directories not listed in mtree [2]
- No portrevision bump since the default behaviour remains the same, and
  a new fetchmail version is to be exspected soon anyway.

Requested by:   Gerard Seibert <> [1]
Submitted by:   Stanislav Sedov <> [2]
PR:             ports/101517
Fri, 26 May 2006
[ 22:18 barner ] Original commit 
1.175 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.4 mail/fetchmail/files/
Make prefix clean.

PR:                     ports/97977
Submitted by:           Esa Karkkainen <>
Big shiny pointy hat:   me
Thu, 25 May 2006
[ 16:26 barner ] Original commit 
1.174 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.3 mail/fetchmail/files/
- Use %%RC_SUBR%% [1]
- Fix typo in Makefile [1]
- Fix recursive calls of rc script on older systems (requested in [2])

PR:                     97876 [1], 97335 [2]
Submitted by:           Jeremy Chadwick <> [1],
                        Veselin Slavov <> [2]
Mon, 15 May 2006
[ 21:18 barner ] Original commit 
1.173 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.2 mail/fetchmail/files/
1.2 mail/fetchmail/pkg-install
- Fix PID file for system-wide daemon mode
- Fix package: Create /var/run/fetchmail in pkg-install instead of
  post-install target.

PR:             ports/97283
Submitted by:   Martin Jackson <>
Fri, 12 May 2006
[ 16:58 barner ] Original commit 
1.172 mail/fetchmail/Makefile
1.124 mail/fetchmail/distinfo
1.1 mail/fetchmail/files/
1.1 mail/fetchmail/files/fetchmailrc.sample
1.2 mail/fetchmail/files/patch-netrc.c
1.1 mail/fetchmail/pkg-install
1.23 mail/fetchmail/pkg-plist
- Update to 6.3.4 [1]
- Add rcNG script. See $PREFIX/etc/rc.d/fetchmail for
  instructions. Inspired by [2] and ports/www/apache22.

PR:             ports/96987 [1], ports/96079
Submitted by:   Rob MacGregor <> [1],
                Martin Jackson <>

Number of commits found XX: 17

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